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Crafting magnets: Inspiration for making your own magnets

One thing is clear, they are iconic and (almost) everyone has them at home: magnets! Whether they stick to the refrigerator or the magnetic board, why not replace those boring standard versions with little pieces of art you made yourself? In this guide, you will find useful tips and many creative craft projects with magnets to serve as inspiration.
Table of Contents

How to find the right magnet for your arts & crafts project

Our wide range of products has something for everyone and, with us, you will certainly find the right magnet for all of your projects. Here, we will give you a few pointers on what to look out for when making your selection so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Neodymium and ferrite magnet

Neodymium vs ferrite magnets

Neodymium magnets shaped like a disc or block are suitable
  • when a small magnet should yield a high adhesive force.
  • when heavy objects are turned into fridge magnets to prevent your magnet from sliding off the refrigerator or magnetic board.
Keep in mind, that a strong adhesive is needed. Otherwise, the magnet and glue may be ripped off the object when you remove the strong magnet from the fridge. You can find more information about that on our FAQ page How can I glue magnets?

Ferrite disc magnets or ferrite block magnets are suitable
  • If the required adhesive force is not particularly high and the size of the magnet is irrelevant.
  • when your project should be as low-cost as possible.
  • when a high temperature resistance is needed (80 - 250 °C, depending on the product type); e.g., for hardening homemade magnet designs in the oven.
Ferrite magnets are also suitable for crafting magnets with children, as they are weaker and less dangerous to handle. By the way: Most store-bought fridge magnets contain ferrite magnets.

You can find detailed information on this topic on our FAQ page Should I buy a neodymium magnet or a ferrite magnet?
self-adhesive magnets

Self-adhesive products

Self-adhesive neodymium magnets are suitable if you want to make refrigerator magnets using light-weight materials such as cardboard or thin wood. You can find additional information about the characteristics of these products under Questions and answers about self-adhesive magnets.

If you want to make magnets out of paper, it is best to reach for self-adhesive magnetic dots, magnetic adhesive tape or magnetic tape in a dispenser. On our FAQ page What do I need to know about using magnetic tapes and sheets?, you will find helpful tips on how to use these products.

Safety tips

Ferrite and neodymium magnets are very brittle. Avoid collisions or dropping the magnets as they may break or splinter. Strong magnets that attract each other can cause bruising of fingers or skin. Swallowing several magnets is very dangerous!

Go to safety information

On our FAQ page Which magnets are suitable as refrigerator magnets? we have put together even more tips and tricks for choosing the right magnet.

Our recommendations for strong all-rounders

Making your own fridge magnets

The choice of materials from which to craft decorative refrigerator magnets is almost endless. That’s because (almost) any object will look good as a fridge magnet too! Depending on the strength of the magnet, your finished one-of-a-kind items will also reliably hold postcards or even several notes on the refrigerator or magnetic board.
Fridge magnets made from dice
In our application Making fridge magnets we give you a lot of inspiration regarding items you can use to craft magnets. Be it marbles, game dice or buttons; breathe new life into these objects and give them purpose as decorative magnets on your refrigerator.
Magnets made of bottle caps
Bottle caps are also wonderful to upcycle and will give your homemade fridge magnets a unique look. You can find step-by-step instructions in the application Making bottle cap magnets.
Photo magnets
Have you ever considered turning your photographs into photo magnets rather than simply hanging them up with magnets? With our A4 magnetic sheet MS-A4-STIC or our magnetic tape, you can quickly transform your photos into gorgeous photo magnets. In the application Make your own photo magnets, we will introduce you to various techniques.

Do you like instant photos with their great retro look just as much as we do? We are happy to show you how you can easily make your own instant photo magnets.

With our selection of photo magnets, many photo projects can be completed quickly and easily.
Discover photo magnets

Other popular applications for fridge magnets

Projects with magnetic sheets

With magnetic sheets, unique magnets can be crafted in no time at all. So what are you waiting for? Take our magnetic sheets and make your own seasonal re-usable decorative magnets!
Halloween decorations made of magnetic sheet
Are you looking for a way to add seasonal decorations to your home without a lot of effort or expense? If so, we have the right application for you. We will show you how you can make simple Halloween decorations from magnetic sheets. This is also a great project for crafting with children.

And we have even more inspiration for you to make seasonal decorative magnets in the Halloween magnets application.

Other applications with magnetic sheet

Apart from the refrigerator: Other practical magnet applications for your kitchen

Magnets are not only ideal for decorative purposes, but also for DIY projects and organisation.
Magnetic spice rack
The application Making a magnetic spice rack shows what you can do with magnets and how they can be utilised particularly well in the kitchen. Not only does this spice rack look good, it is also functional and saves space in small kitchens!

Even more inspiration