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Which magnets are suitable as refrigerator magnets?

Generally, all our decorative magnets are suitable for use on the refrigerator.
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Please note the following particularities of refrigerators:
  • Refrigerator doors are often being opened and closed with a jerk.
  • There is often a window open in the kitchen, which might lead to wind tearing on hanging objects.
  • The iron in the refrigerator door tends to be very thin and is always coated.
For those reasons, it is important to choose magnets with an adhesive force of approx. 1 kg in order to securely attach postcards, notes, etc. to the fridge.

Colourful refrigerator magnets

All of our colourful magnets with an adhesive force of at least 1 kg are suitable as fridge magnets:

Magnetic words, magnetic letters

Magnetic words and letters work well for "refrigerator poetry". Please keep in mind that they are primarily intended for entertainment and decoration. You won’t be able to properly attach notes, photos, etc. with them because these magnets have such a low adhesive force.

Super magnets neodymium

Our neodymium magnets (super magnets) are very strong, considering their small size. That's why it can be difficult to grip a flat super magnet on the refrigerator. Therefore, we discourage using block, disc or ring magnets.
Rod and sphere magnets, on the other hand, work very well. We especially recommend the following products for attaching postcards, drawings, etc.:

Make fridge magnets yourself

Home-made fridge magnets with buttons
Customer project "Create your own magnets"
You can also easily create your own fridge magnets. We recommend using disc magnets, as they offer a larger contact surface than rod magnets. Our UHU MAX REPAIR glue works great as an adhesive.
We have gathered a whole lot of inspiration to make your own refrigerator magnets.

You can find additional ideas regarding the topic 'Refrigerator' in our customer projects.