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Spice Rack

Three creative and practical ideas
Author: A. Leutbecher, Soest, Germany
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Spice rack with strong magnets

Here is my magnet application, which is not only particularly original and useful but also creative and highly aesthetic: the magnetic spice rack, guaranteed to turn heads and difficult to surpass in practicality.
It is easy to make:
  1. Select a steel plate of a suitable size, paint it if necessary to match your kitchen and screw it onto the wall.
  2. Get round 100-ml wide mouth glass containers with Bakelite screw caps.
  3. Hide a disc magnet 20x5 mm under the plastic lining of each cap.
  4. Fill the glass container with a spice of your choice and screw it shut tightly.
  5. Label the glass if necesssary with a waterproof marker or sticker.
  6. Let the filled glass hop onto the steel plate with an audible pop.
You can now sort your spices however you like: by colour, filling level, grain size, frequency of use, expiration date, etc.
Have fun making your own spice rack!

Magnetic spice tins

Addition from customer Marie-Theres Tschiersch, Berlin:
I poured spices from different brands into tin containers with a transparent lid to create a more uniform-looking rack. On the bottom of the spice tins, I glued a round piece of self-adhesive magnetic sheet MS-A4-STIC and attached them to a magnetic board.
One empty magnetic spice tin including magnetic sheet weighs about 40 g. Filled up it weighs no more than 100 g, which is no problem for this magnetic sheet.
The magnetic spice tins adhere securely and don't move around at all on the magnetic board. On the contrary: I have to remember not to grab the tin's lid when I take one off the rack, so I don't accidentally open it and spill spice all over the floor.

Wooden spice rack

Addition from customer Michael Küster from Michelbach:
I simply milled deep holes (diameter of a test tube) into softwood and glued disc magnets type S-15-08-N into the holes. Then I put a counter magnet of the same type into each test tube and kept it in place with a small cork disc. This way, the magnet stays in place when you use the test tube and the spices do not come in contact with the magnets.
The wooden spice rack can be built in many different sizes depending on your needs. This spice rack holds about 50 test tubes and rests sturdily on a wooden base. I had to drill deeper and deeper into the wooden beam with the milling cutter until the magnets could hold the glasses horizontally with their contents.
I find the wooden spice rack very useful and functional and it helps us to organise our spices and showcases them in our kitchen.
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