Rubber caps & silicone discs: Skid and scratch protection all in one

Rubber caps and self-adhesive silicone discs are the perfect accessories for pot and disc magnets. They are available in our webshop in many diameters and for different applications. They are very cost-effective and have the following advantages:

  • Both articles significantly increase the weight carrying capacity of magnets in shear direction due to elevated friction.
  • The weight carrying capacity to tension (= Indication of the maximum adhesive force), however, slightly decreases due to the additional gap between magnet and surface.
  • Both articles protect delicate surfaces (e.g. powder-coated magnetic boards, fridges, magnetic glass boards) from scratches that could occur otherwise from placing, moving around or removing magnets.
  • The perfect magnet and accessory pairs are listed with the respective individual article.

Pot magnets Rubber caps & silicone discs