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Attached fridge handle

Use care when opening the fridge with it
Author: Matthias Merz, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Fridge for short people

Generally, my sister's fridge is great, but sadly designed for short people... It's ok to bend down to get into the freezer (you don't need it that often), but having the recessed grip on the bottom left of the fridge is really annoying. A higher-up handle was needed for the fridge door. But how do you do that without drilling holes? Simple: Just order where they have accessories for crazy ideas: supermagnete.gr ;-)

Materials needed

Two extra-strong countersunk pot magnets CSN-ES-20, a furniture handle from the home improvement store (in my case 125 mm long) and suitable M4 head screws.
Assembly is self-explanatory: Screw magnets onto the handle and adhere handle to fridge.


Now you can open the fridge door with this handle.
Tests revealed two particularities:
1) If not handled carefully, the magnets may scratch the fridge. It might be better to cover the magnets with suitable rubber caps PAR-21, although that reduces the adhesive force.
2) The maximum adhesive force of 11 kg times 2 is barely enough. You can't jerk on the fridge door; otherwise you'll only rip the handle off. Maybe two bigger countersunk pot magnets CSN-25 could remedy this (along with suitable rubber caps).
By now, my sister totally got used to opening the fridge carefully. It's still much better than bending over every time you need something from the fridge. Hence, I lack the motivation to try it with stronger magnets...
Note from the supermagnete team:
Please consider the following two particularities with this application"
  • According to experience, the thickness of sheet iron in fridge doors varies greatly and may suit even smaller magnets.
  • Fridge doors are coated with a layer of paint, which increases the air gap between magnet and sheet iron and therefore reduces the adhesive force.

Hence, it is hard to tell if larger magnets would lead to better results in this case.
Read more on the subject on our FAQ page How strong is this magnet?

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