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The start of summer – magnetic solutions for garden & balcony

Life has finally moved outside again! Sit back and relax. In time for the start of summer, we offer you many products and ideas for your garden or balcony.

Magnets for hanging/attaching

We carry various hook and eye magnets that can be used for versatile attachment. Below is a selection of products. You can find the entire product range in our categories hook magnets and eyelet magnets.

Shelter from the sun

How practical, when sun protection is mounted on the balcony or in the garden in a way that is adjustable so it can easily move with the sun and provide continued shade. Our many outdoor customer projects likely have the right application for you.

Install an insect screen

How annoying when pesky insects find their way into your home on hot summer nights! Find relief in the form of a fly screen that you can attach to the window with magnets and remove just as easily. We are going to show you different attachment solutions. Entire doors can also be equipped with an insect screen. In addition, magnets help you to make the screen visible.

Spruce up your balcony without drilling holes

During the summer months, the balcony or garden becomes the new living space and should be nicely decorated and arranged in a practical way. Magnets can help to hang (almost) everything. Best of all, attaching decorations with magnets requires no drilling and is therefore tenant-friendly.

You can find more ideas in our customer projects for the balcony. And in our magnet applications on the topics of hanging and attaching, you will find tips for versatile hanging and attachment solutions.

Are you planning a camping trip? Make sure to take a look at our magnetic solutions for the camping holiday.