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Attaching a shade sail

A clever solution for temporary attachment
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
Online since: 10/05/2019, Number of visits: 221659
Both as tenant and as owner there are always situations in which you ask yourself: "How do I fix object X without drilling? This question might concern you after the purchase of a shade sail.
If there are metal braces or metal posts on your balcony or terrace, then we have good news for you: With magnets shade sails can easily be attached, as shown in our pictures.
Ideal for this purpose is a pot magnet with carabiner KTN-32 from our product range. It is a neodymium magnet glued into a steel pot. This concentrates the magnetic holding force - in this case to strong 39 kg. The carabiner hook serves as a secure link between the magnet and the shade sail.
Mounting a shade sail is very easy with such magnets. The first step is to attach the carabiner hook to the metal ring of the sun shade. Then you attach the pot magnet to the desired place. And in no time you can enjoy the beautiful weather on your balcony or terrace in the shade.
Safety instructions:
In wind and rain, the shade sail is exposed to strong forces. Therefore, we advise you in such situations to disassemble the shade sail as a precaution.
Neodymium magnets are not really suitable for long-term outdoor use, as they begin to rust and lose their magnetisation. However, you can make neodymium magnets weather-proof with rust-proofing paint or transparent lacquer.
By the way: Surfaces can be protected from scratches by adding rubber caps PAR-33 to the bottom of the magnets. This can also significantly improve the adhesive strength in shear direction.

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