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Attaching hook without screws or drilling

With the help of self-adhesive metal discs and hook magnets
Author: supermagnete, Uster, [email protected]
Online since: 20/04/2017, Number of visits: 363591
You can use self-adhesive metal discs and hook magnets to attach things to smooth, non-magnetic surfaces. The metal discs are the perfect base for magnets. The example shows how to attach plants (climbing or creeping plants) to a glass wall.

Materials needed

Depending on the plants or objects, the size of the magnetic hooks and metal discs may vary.


Step 1

Remove adhesive foil and attach metal discs to the desired surface in a circle (depending on the wreath size).
TIP: Make sure the glass is clean and free of grease.

Step 2:

Press on all discs for a few seconds.
Important: Do not put any weight on the self-adhesive metal discs for 72 hours to ensure the maximum adhesive force.

Step 3

Attach the hook magnets on the metal discs to create a structure for the ivy wreath.

Step 4

Carefully hang the ivy branches on the hooks and create a nice wreath.
TIP: Depending on the size of the desired wreath and the available ivy branches, the number of hooks may be larger or smaller.


The green magnets are practically invisible behind the ivy, and the wreath seems to float!
What is your next hook project on a smooth surface - without drilling?

Remove without residue

When you don't need them anymore, you can simply remove the metal discs from the glass with a blade. You can use a solvent to clean off any adhesive residue.

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