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Oil filter for Land Rover

Small iron particles are caught with magnets
Author: Francesco, Italy
Online since: 11/02/2011, Number of visits: 318127
I drive an old Land Rover with more than 300 000 km on its back. I take care of the maintenance myself. The probably biggest challenge is to extend the life of the motor, which suffers when metal micro particles circulate in the motor and scour at important places. A magnetic filter that can be found in newer cars is too expensive; they run for 800 euros!
Hence, I built my own magnetic oil filter. I glued 6 Q-40-10-05-N block magnets on the old oil filter. I attached another 4 on the oil sump in order to catch the smallest particles.
This picture shows how many particles were caught by the magnets after only 10 000 km. During the cleaning you can get rid of the particles.
Those magnets are a godsend for old cars!
Note from the supermagnete team: According to our sources, cars have been equipped with strong magnets on the oil sump by default for years. Additional magnets are probably useless for newer cars. We cannot comment on the effectiveness on such magnetic filters and recommend to contact a automobile specialist.

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