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Friendship rings

The perfect gag for couples - even the rings can't get close enough
Author: Dirk Willrodt, Kiel, Germany
Online since: 08/07/2008, Number of visits: 314409
Hi supermagenete, with 4 block magnets Q-CDM48-G and a little bit of coconut shell, I made two rings that gravitate towards each other by their "seals". Rings for a couple, so to speak :-)
Here you can see how the rings are drawn to each other. This also works, of course, when you wear them on your fingers.
The components are simple: Seals and rings made out of coconut wood as well as 4 supermagnete.
View of the seals
View of the seals
The top side of the seals is laser-engraved. The initials "CD" are the initials of the first names and the sign in the back means the same.
The signs are slightly modified based on Tolkien's elf language. For the interested reader: The left sign means "ka" and the right sign means "di". The spelling complies with the Sindarin mode; the signs are extended sings, as they appear in the ring inscription.
View from below
View from below
The magnets were glued into the seals. Thereafter, the seals were glued onto the rings. I used simple wood glue.
In my first try I used one magnet per seal, but the attractive force was not strong enough. Then I used two magnets per seal, and now you can clearly feel the attractive force when the hands come close to each other (from 2 - 3 cm).
Here you can see the completed ring on my hand :-)

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