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Attaching and adding weight to a shower curtain

Magnet solution for bathrooms with or without tub
Author: Mattia Fabbri, Savignano sul Rubicone
Online since: 08/07/2010, Number of visits: 412858
Table of Contents

Span the shower curtain in the tub

Even in the bathtub the wet shower curtain sometimes clings to your body. There are two simple solutions with magnets:
1) Attach magnets
Just place some waterproof neodymium magnets along the seam of the curtain. After the shower collect the magnets and store them someplace close by for the next time.
2) Sew in magnets
Sew several sew-in magnets into the seam of the shower curtain. Thanks to the plastic cover the magnets won't rust even after years of usage and can even be washed.

Fastening curtain without bathtub

You don't have a tub in your bathroom and hate it when the shower curtain clings to you when you take a shower? I have found that magnets provide a classy solution for this problem.
Materials needed
  • 5 disc magnets S-10-10-N
  • 5 iron clasps
  • Transparent silicone
  • Pencil
  • Power drill with a 10 mm drill
  • Hoover
  • A wet cloth
  • A few cotton swabs
  • Pliers
1. With a pencil mark the size of the shower curtain around the drain on the floor. Make sure the line follows the grooves between tiles.
2. Drill five 10 mm deep and 10 mm wide holes in the grooves with the power drill.
3. Use cotton swabs to distribute a thin layer of silicone in all holes.
4. Place a disc magnet into each hole; spread silicone on the upper side. Let the silicone dry well.
5. With the pliers attach the five iron clasps at the right places on the bottom side of the shower curtain.
6. Span the shower curtain by attaching the clasps to the magnets on the floor.
Finally a clean solution - the shower curtain stays where it should and doesn't cling to your body. Plus, there is less flooding in the bathroom, because the shower curtain is pulled down firmly.
After the shower, the curtain can be moved out of the way again. The magnets in the floor are barely visible. To better protect them from wetness, paint over them with paint that matches the colour of the grooves.
Note from the supermagnete team: Our neodymium magnets are actually not suitable for use in wet surroundings - protect the magnets from rust at least with a coat of paint or use waterproof magnets (links below).

Making shower curtain weights from cream jar lids

Addition by G. Becker, Berlin, Germany, 2021:

At home, I have a ground-level shower with a shower curtain instead of a glass door. If you also have a shower or bathtub with a shower curtain, you probably know this occurrence: When the curtain gets wet, it starts to cling to the body, which is not a pleasant feeling. Air pressure changes are to blame here. But gravity can counteract this phenomenon, which is why the shower curtain should be weighed down. A lead weight is therefore often sewn into the hem of the curtain, but this is often inadequate. For me, the commercially available shower curtain weights are not good enough in terms of quality, because according to reviews, most of the products leave unsightly marks, are too light or the magnets are too weak. That’s when I came up with the idea of the DIY shower curtain weight. And here is how it’s done:
For my magnetic curtain weights, I used the following materials:
  • Lids of empty cream jars from which the threads can be removed. My lids for this application had a diameter of approx. 6 cm and a height of approx. 1,5 cm
  • Disc magnets Ø 25 mm, height 2 mm, type S-25-02-N
  • Acrylic sanitary sealant and a caulking gun
  • Double-sided tape

The shower curtain weights consist of two parts. To make them, I proceeded as follows:
  1. With a pointed object, I removed the threaded interior from the lid.
  2. Inside the lid, there was also a sealing disc, which I took out as well.
  3. Next, I attached the disc magnet with a small piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the sealing disc.
  4. Then I filled the part with the inside thread with sanitary acrylic.
  5. Afterwards, I pressed the sealing disc with the magnet pointing down into the acrylic.
  6. I removed the spilt-over acrylic with a damp cloth so that a flat surface was created.
  7. Lastly, the acrylic had to cure for a few hours according to the instructions on the packaging.
Important note:
The shower curtain weight consists of two parts, each attached to one side of the curtain. For the magnets in these two parts to attract each other, they must be attached to the sealing disc with the correct side up. That means in one part, the north pole of the magnet must point upwards and in the other part of the weight, the south pole has to point up. So make sure you place the magnets the right way around on the sealing disc before you push them into the acrylic.

One shower curtain weight weighs about 80-90 g. Before you begin, make sure your shower curtain rod can hold the total weight of the shower curtain and all attached weights. This is especially important if your rod isn’t screwed or glued on.
Once the two halves of the shower curtain weight have hardened, you can attach them to the curtain. Now you have a customised weighted shower curtain. If you like, you can also decorate the weights to make them look pretty.
For a two-metre wide curtain, I recommend you attach 4–6 weights. This will give the curtain an optimal weight and it will no longer stick to your skin. Don’t attach the weights all at the same height but offset them a little. This prevents the magnets from attracting each other when you pull the curtain back after showering.

Note from the supermagnete team: If you have a bathtub with a ferromagnetic surface on the outside, you can attach the shower curtain to it with magnets using one half of the DIY shower curtain weight.
My tip:
Not everyone happens to have large amounts of cream jar lids at home that can be ‘recycled’ for this piece of handicraft. In that case, look around the house for other options. You can also use other lids made of plastic, for example from honey jars. You can simply cut a sealing disc from the plastic lids of larger yoghurt pots. If you don’t have enough lids, look on the internet. There, you can also buy individual cream jar lids made of polypropylene with an insert for a more elegant version of the shower curtain weight. They come in different colours, even in gold and silver.
The neodymium disc magnets from the online shop of supermagnete.gr are great for the shower curtain weight because they have a high adhesive force despite their small size. They won’t fall off, even if you are a little more forceful when pulling the shower curtain back.

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