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Lifting magnet LTF 220.05

maximum load 100 kg, for flat and round stock, safety factor 3:1

Item number WS-LHM-100
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand: LTF
1 pc. 415,76 EUR ea.
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415,76 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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The high-quality lifting magnet LTF 220.05 is manufactured by LTF SpA in Italy. LTF SpA has many years of experience producing measuring instruments and machine tools for high-precision machining.

An impressive feature of the lifting magnet LTF 220.02 are its permanent neodymium magnets which make it an extremely durable and low-maintenance tool for lifting loads. Thanks to its compact size and low weight, this small lifting magnet is versatile in its use.

The holding force of the magnet is activated through a lever on the front of the lifting magnet. The advantage of this mechanism is the concentration of force in one spot. It allows you to move ferromagnetic materials with precision and without damage to surfaces or unwanted attraction of other parts in the vicinity. You can use this lifting magnet to lift flat and round materials with different surface properties. In the case of unprocessed parts, this is possible without the need for hooks, handles or eyelets on the component itself, thanks to the magnetic force. While the lifting magnet is in the holding phase, an integrated safety device protects against unwanted load release.

You can find additional useful information on the lifting magnet LTF 220.05 in the user manual.

Please note

Please note the table regarding the permissible material features and read the instruction manual before using the lifting magnet for the first time. Appropriate protective equipment is required. Lifted objects must not left hanging permanently and unattended. People should never walk under lifted loads.

Technical data

Article ID WS-LHM-100
EAN 4024574820150
Material NdFeB
Length 115 mm
Width 60 mm
Casing height 65 mm
Total height 120 mm
Height mounting bracket 55 mm
Opening of mounting bracket (max. h x w) 30 x 38 mm
Length of adhesive surface 140 mm
Weight for flat material (max.) 100 kg
Weight for round stock (max.) 50 kg
Wall thickness flat material (min.) 20 mm
Wall thickness round stock (min.) 30 mm
Length of workpiece (max.) 85 mm
Design for 100 kg
Weight 4 kg