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Information for the media

The web shop supermagnete.gr is operated by Webcraft GmbH based in Gottmadingen in Germany. Since 2003 the shop sells extremely strong permanent magnets made of neodymium-iron-bor alloy. These so-called "super magnets" are ten times stronger than common ferrite magnets and are suitable for various applications.
supermagnete.gr offers a unique and comprehensive Internet portfolio with hundreds of illustrated customer applications, information and know-how about magnets.
The online shop is translated into 6 languages and email and phone support is available in German, English, French and Italian, which adds to the popularity of supermagnete.gr in Europe.
Webcraft GmbH, Germany, founded in 2010, is a subsidiary company of Webcraft AG, Switzerland.

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Request for product samples

If you are considering writing an article about supermagnete.gr and you would like to test our super magnets for this purpose, please contact via email. We can certainly send you some magnets for testing purposes.
Please include the following information in your email:
  • Your newspaper or publishing house
  • Your mailing address and direct phone number
  • Which magnets or magnetic articles you are interested in