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Which magnets do I use for water decalcification?

Since we are not specialising in the sale of so-called limescale magnets, we are unable to give any recommendations on size, polarisation, configuration, etc.

Does water softening with magnets work?

According to the studies and tests that we are aware of, it is not possible to soften and subsequently decalcify water with a magnetic field. Manufacturers of magnetic water descaling systems promise that the magnets alter the structure of the calcium particles, thus preventing limescale buildup in pipes, water heaters and household appliances. However, to date, this effect has not been scientifically proven.
Some of our customers have, nonetheless, used our neodymium super magnets for water decalcification and reported seeing results. What can be said with certainty is this: Magnets which are sold for a lot of money for decalcifying water do produce the same magnetic fields as our magnets. Therefore, should results be possible with these expensive limescale magnets, it stands to reason that the same effect should be attainable with our magnets.
You can find more detailed and, in our opinion, recommended information on this topic here (in German). It is worth reading!