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Which magnets are suitable for collecting iron pieces?

In the supermagnete assortment, you will find a variety of magnets with which you can collect iron pieces. On this FAQ page, we will show you information on various application examples and give specific recommendations for suitable magnets.
Table of Contents

Collecting metallic objects

You want to pick up nails, needles or other dangerous metal objects from the floor, so no humans or animals get hurt?
A good solution is to equip a broom with strong magnets and search the ground with it. We recommend using flat block magnets or strong disc magnets:
If you don not have time to equip your broom with magnets, you can use a simpler method. Just put a strong magnet into a sturdy plastic bag to collect nails or screws. When you are done, just turn the bag inside out and remove the magnet. This practical solution is explained in more detail in the application "Nail collector".

Collecting fine iron particles

Many industrial companies want to prevent iron particles from the production facility end up in their products. There are specialised businesses that offer magnet systems for sorting out iron particles. We do not carry such products.
But you can try the following: Attach several block magnets, e.g. Q-15-15-08-N (for small facilities) or even Q-40-20-10-N (for large facilities), next to each other on a board and place that board close to your production facility. These are very strong magnets that may interfere with your facility (induction or eddy currents). We recommend doing some tests first.

When drilling iron or metal workpieces, chips can fly everywhere. Strong magnets made of neodymium can help in this situation too. Simply place the magnet close to the spot where you want to drill. As you can see in the photo, the magnet is completely covered in drill chips. Here too, we recommend that you put the magnet inside a sturdy plastic bag so that you can easily detach the metal shavings from the magnet.
You can find all of the information and a video of this project on the page "Catching drill chips".
If you want to collect iron particles in your spare time, you can find good instructions and a fascinating video in this customer project: Collecting iron powder on the beach. The fine iron powder is, for instance, well suited for experiments with magnets. Collecting it is also a lot of fun.
If you find that, after picking it up, the iron powder is difficult to remove from the magnet, then we have a tip for you. In the project "Remove iron filings from magnets", you can learn how to detach iron powder from a magnet using simple tools.

Magnetic pick-up tools as a practical accessory

In our online shop, you will find different magnetic retrieving tools you can use to easily pick up smaller metal pieces, such as nails or screws, off the floor.