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Universal charging cable for rechargeable batteries

Magnets connect uncommon rechargeable batteries with charging cable
Author: maiger, Molln, Austria
Online since: 13/02/2012, Number of visits: 243439
I use lithium ion batteries (format 18650) for my LED lamps. Due to their length of 65 mm they don't fit into my battery charger.
Hence, I built a special charging cable with super magnets. I soldered the cords to gold-plated block magnets Q-05-05-02-G and use it to connect to all rechargeable batteries directly.
The soldering is the tricky part. If you solder too long, the magnets lose their strength (see FAQ). But you'll get it with a little practice. As you can see in the picture, they still have enough strength to hold three batteries.
By the way: The measured electric resistance of such a charging cable (positive and negative cable) is below 2x 0,025 ohm.
Note from the supermagnete team: Another option for charging batteries shows the application Universal connection for battery charging device.

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