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Torch with magnet

Magnetic torch? No problem with Sugru!
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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Would you like to have your hands free too when working with a torch or small work lamp? Torches should always be within easy reach, for example when travelling, camping or working in the workshop. In particular, a torch with a magnet has many advantages. With magnets and the clever Sugru adhesive putty, you can magnetise your ordinary torch in no time. Afterwards, magnetic torches can be easily hung up. They will stick to ferromagnetic surfaces such as shelves and pipes made of iron or adhere to the outside of motorhomes and camper vans.
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With a few simple steps, a magnet can be incorporated into the Sugru adhesive putty. We recommend using rubberised magnets so that the intended mounting surface won’t be scratched, and the surface of the magnet is protected from wear and tear. These also have the advantage that they are waterproof and can therefore be used in wet environments. Additionally, the rubber coating increases the magnetic adhesive force in shear direction.

Please note: Consider the weight of your torch when choosing a suitable magnet. Also, make sure the displacement force is high enough if you want to hang the torch on the wall. In our example, we used a rubber-coated disc magnet Ø 16.8 mm type S-15-03-R to hang the lights.

Attaching a magnet to a torch with Sugru

How to attach the magnet to the torch or workshop lamp with Sugru:
  1. Depending on the size of the magnet, take half to one portion of Sugru and shape it into a ball.
  2. Press the disc magnets into the adhesive putty until it is surrounded by putty.
  3. Now stick the Sugru with the magnet in the desired spot on the torch.
  4. Firmly press the Sugru onto the lamp and around the magnet and smooth it out. Please note, that the adhesive putty must not cover the magnet or else the adhesive force will be reduced.
  5. Let the putty cure for one to two days. After that, your torch with a magnet will be ready for use.
Note from the supermagnete team: In our example, we attached the magnet to the side of the torch. But you can also glue the magnet to the rear part of the handle, allowing you to attach the magnetic torch vertically to ferromagnetic shelves. Another good idea is to attach one magnet each to the rear end and the side of the torch, giving you flexible options for hanging your homemade magnetic torch.

Magnetising the hand strap with Sugru

If your torch has a small keyring or a small opening for a hand strap at the end, you can also utilise these features to modify your torch. Create a magnetic hanger instead of attaching the magnetised Sugru directly to the torch. And here is how:
  1. Pull the strap through the opening provided and cut it to the desired length.
  2. Take a portion of Sugru and flatten it slightly.
  3. Place both ends of the strap on the adhesive putty and shape the putty to seal them in.
  4. Press the magnet onto the Sugru. Here too, we used a rubber-coated disc magnet type S-15-03-R.
  5. Press the Sugru onto the magnet to surround it flush. Do not allow the Sugru to protrude or cover the magnet.
  6. Let your torch with the magnet cure for at least 24 hours.

A great trick for travelling and camping

A torch can be very useful, especially when trekking with a tent or camping in a caravan. Most of the time, however, there are no hanging options for light sources. Once you equip your light with a magnet and Sugru adhesive putty, it can be easily attached to the ferromagnetic surfaces of your camper van, caravan or motorhome. If you are travelling with a tent, our customer project Magnetic hanger with metal lid for tents offers a good solution: Use a metal lid as a counterpart and your magnetic torch or cord will adhere to the tent’s canvas.

Aside from the magnetic torch, Sugru and magnets can be attached to other items too. It is also easy to magnetise spice jars. Find out more about that in our customer project Magnetic spice jars.

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