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Sugru sticks

Clever toys with Sugru and magnets
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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The colourful putty called Sugru is not only great for repairing many different things. It can also be used to create magnetic toys, such as these Sugru sticks. Sphere magnets are attached to the ends of wooden skewers with Sugru, creating magnetic sticks for constructing a multitude of different shapes.

Materials needed

First, prepare the wooden skewers by cutting off the pointed ends with the scissors. Next, cut the skewers to the desired lengths. We cut them in half, but you could also leave them at their original lengths or cut them into smaller pieces.
Once that’s done, the sphere magnets need to be attached to the ends of the skewers with Sugru putty. Unwrap one individual section of Sugru and divide it into four parts. Take one of those quarters, roll it into a ball, then press it flat to form a disc. Now position one sphere magnet in the centre of the Sugru disc and lightly press down to hold it in place.
Next, take one wooden skewer and hold it so one end touches the sphere magnet. Fold the Sugru disc over the magnet and the end of the skewer. Then, last but not least, mould the putty tightly around the wooden skewer.
Repeat the above steps until you have the desired amount of Sugru sticks. One individually wrapped section of Sugru is enough for 2 sticks. Please make sure, not to unwrap all of the needed Sugru sections at once, since Sugru is only pliable for 30 minutes. Place the finished Sugru sticks onto your drying surface. They will be ready for use after a drying time of 24 hours. We hope you will enjoy this project and wish you lots of fun playing with your Sugru sticks!

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