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Ski and ski pole rack

Flexible storage of skis and ski poles in the basement
Author: R.B., Maienfeld, Switzerland
Online since: 24/01/2012, Number of visits: 282337
There are various more or less practical alternatives for the storage of skis and ski poles on the market. None of these really convinced me. Then I had a flash of genius: Skis have metallic edges and there are magnets! After a few tests, the selected method proved reliable. At a height of 1 m I mounted a square pipe with the dimensions of 4 by 6 cm and a length of 1 m on the wall (drill, peg, screw on and done). The square pipe is the holder of the disc magnets S-35-05-N that can be placed anywhere.
Now you can put the skis on the floor and lean them against the rack. The magnets' adhesive force of approx. 12 kg provides stability. You should make sure that the square pipe is thick enough, so the magnets hold well. My square pipe has a wall thickness of 6 mm, which is a little oversized.
After the skis were taken care of, I asked myself what to do with the ski poles. I solved that issue by mounting an angle iron farther up the wall and attaching some magnets. Most ski poles have metallic tips that stick to the disc magnets. But there are also poles with special tips that require a non-magnetic solution.

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