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Sew your own laptop sleeve

Custom sleeve with strong magnetic closure
Author: F. A., Triesen, Liechtenstein
Online since: 11/08/2016, Number of visits: 66371
Inspired by other customer projects, I wanted to sew a laptop sleeve of my own design – in part because the original sleeves are entirely overpriced, in my opinion. The sleeve should have a magnetic closure and securely hold my laptop weighing 1,3 kg, even upside down. Your new sew-in magnets were perfect for my project.

Materials used for the sleeve

Inner lining made of foam rubber

Because one foam rubber sheet wasn’t big enough for my laptop, I glued 2 sheets together with glue and, to be on the safe side, also stitched them together with a zigzag pattern on my sewing machine. Since foam rubber is difficult to sew, I did all the other sewing by hand.
Foam rubber is extremely shock-absorbing and makes a perfect inner lining for the sleeve.

Map as custom outer material

For the outer material, I bought a map and reinforced it with clear adhesive film. You could, of course, also use posters or photos; there are no limits to your imagination.

Magnetic closure in the flap

As a highlight, I wanted an invisible closure and decided on 4 sew-in magnets. These were sewn directly onto the foam rubber. In the flap, the magnets were also glued to a ruler for stability, and both were sown onto the foam rubber.
Lastly, sew the lining and outer material together with decorative stitching – done!
The magnets are strong enough to hold the laptop in the bag even when held upside down.
I accomplished my goal, and my laptop sleeve is truly one of a kind!
A little tip: Magnets also work great for holding the foam rubber sheet and the map together while sewing. This way, everything can be nicely sewn together without the two layers slipping out of place.
Note from the supermagnete team:
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