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Screws supply readily available

How to have screws and nails handy when you need them
Author: Rogier Wolff, Delft, Netherlands
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The trick is to put a super magnet in the breast pocket. The screws stick to the outside of my shirt and are easy to grab.
The other day, I mounted a plaster ceiling for a friend. You work mostly with your arms above your head, so it's really annoying, when you constantly have to dig out new screws. Sure, you can put them in a bin and hang it on the ladder. But it's still not that easy to reach into it all the time.
There, I had only four Q-10-05-02-G on me. That worked great. But if I have a choice, I would just take 1 or 2 D S-20-05-N.
If you have a breast pocket on your work clothes, you can put a magnet in it, and the screws will stick to it on the outside. Without a breast pocket, you simply use two magnets. Place them on either side of the fabric and let the screws stick to the outside magnet.
If you use screws of various formats, you can attach them in different places.
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • If you use a heart pacemaker, do not put magnets in your breast pocket!
  • We also carry ready-to-use magnetic helpers in our group workshop, which are for the wrist though. Some of them are linked below.
If you are working with a hammer, magnets can also be useful to keep nails always within reach. For this application, attach a magnet to the head of the hammer and the nails will cling to the hammer.
More tips and tricks:

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