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Sales display for small items

Pot magnets can attach small items to sales stands
Author: Christiane Strauss, Fa. Ombos arts beads crafts, 74626 Bretzfeld, Germany, [email protected]
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Sales display with obstacles

We are glass bead makers and retailers. We attend fairs several times a year, and even the showroom at home has not a lot of room for products. Therefore, we were looking for a way to display products (especially material in little plastic bags) and tools in a space-saving way at fairs and in the showroom.
We purchased a mobile magnetic display stand but the accessories that came with it were too big for our purposes.
Mounting of plastic bags
Mounting of plastic bags

Modified pot magnets

We purchased your pot magnets with screw socket (TCN-20 for light plastic bags and TCN-25 for tools).
We screwed M4 threaded bars into the thread before we colour-coordinated the threaded bars for the small items.
Mounting of tools
Mounting of tools
For the tools, we sanded down the end of the threaded bars.

Product transportation

During transport between fair and showroom, we leave the magnets on the stand and the threaded bars are packed with the respective products.
The wall is marked with the individual product names to make assembly quick.

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