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Radiator cover with FOREX board

A printed FOREX board covers up an unattractive radiator
Author: Daniela Fugger / Gingered Things, Germany
Online since: 17/08/2015, Number of visits: 352042
Note from the supermagnete team:
This article was published May 2015 on the blog Gingered Things.
We have an ugly radiator next to the bed in our bedroom. Since we will never use it, I wanted to hide it and just cover it up with a picture. At a photo developer, I found large FOREX boards. They are more stable than posters and not as think as frames; the perfect solution for my idea with the radiator cover up.
I selected a cool photo of Death Valley and had it printed on a 90 x 90 cm FOREX board. I wanted a picture that is light but not too colourful. Now I can remember this cool trip every morning when I get up.
And how did I get the picture on the radiator? I didn't want to glue it in case we wanted to use the radiator at one point.
I found the perfect solution for the radiator cover at supermagnete.gr. The strong self-adhesive neodymium magnets Q-40-12-01-STIC keep things flexible. The customer service was great because I wasn't sure at first if it would work the way I envisioned it. If you want to hang something on the wall (or radiator) you need to divide the max. adhesive force of the magnets by 6. The FOREX board was not exactly light with its 3,3 kilos, but it worked fine with 20 magnets spaced out over the whole board.
Here you can see a birds-eye view of the radiator cover up. The FOREX board is flush against the radiator.
I could easily take the photo off if I wanted to use the radiator, and just as easily put it back on or exchange the photo for another one. I really like the result and am happy that it worked out that great. Magnets and FOREX are a good match ;-)

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