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Pre-war flat magnetically enhanced

Don't have a goblin handy? Magnets can help!
Author: A. v. D., Zürich, Switzerland
Online since: 08/07/2008, Number of visits: 349696
Here some examples, how we jazzed up our pre-war flat with a few of your magnets.
We like the pre-war flat that we just moved into, and we immediately furnished it with a generous wardrobe with sliding doors. But, oh no, despite the generous evening out of the crooked floors, one of the sliding doors keeps opening up by itself.
A small piece of metal strip M-FERROTAPE as well as two with cementite attached Q-10-05-1.5-G block magnets correct this issue.
The bathroom in the new old flat is not really what we call generous. Plus, water pipes leave no room for furniture. With the aid of one small block magnet type Q-10-05-1.5-G and a little bit of cementite glue, affixed to hair brushes ...
... the pipes that take up a lot of room turn into a helpful shelf for these often-used utensils.
Of course, we use magnets also in many other ways. Be it as hooks on the boiler, in the kitchen or for the whiteboard.
A few weeks after moving into the flat, it becomes apparent that the fridge often does not close all the way. After a few try-outs, a couple of short S-05-08-N rod magnets proved to do the trick. They reliably pull the fridge door closed, without glue, drilling or other assembly work involved.

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