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Napshell with magnetic cover

Rejuvenation right in your office
Author: Napshell, Stuttgart, Germany
Online since: 19/12/2016, Number of visits: 282562
It is scientifically proven that a little power nap is healthy and good for the productivity of employees. However, it is very hard to find a place to relax in the office. That's why Napshell has been developed. The ergonomic and futuristic relaxation lounge encompasses you just like a private room and facilitates maximum regeneration of your body's own energy resources.

Two Napshells for Webcraft ...

At Webcraft / supermagnete.gr we were so impressed with the Napshells that we ordered two of them for the break room at our headquarters in Uster (ZH). Here are a few photos of the assembly.

... with magnetic adaptation

This partnership resulted in the development of magnetic covers for Webcraft's two Napshells. They can be attached to the Napshell on the left and right sides and provide the needed privacy.
Strong magnets type M-SEW-03 were sewn into the cover made of white synthetic leather. As counterparts neodymium block magnets were attached to the body of the Napshell.
The joyful result: The magnets hold up the blinds very well after we doubled up every other magnet. The blinds can be easily set up and removed without impairing the beautiful design.
To be able to open and close the cover we attached a handle to the outside and the inside.
We also sewed a magnet in the handle on the outside so you can partially open the blind and fasten it on the outside shell.
White synthetic leather was used, which is totally opaque and facilitates carefree relaxation.

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