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Metal world map as wall decoration

Invisible wall mounting with 3D effect thanks to magnets
Author: X. M.
Online since: 23/04/2018, Number of visits: 209145
Table of Contents
The had the idea for a metal world map when I saw them offered on the Internet. I really liked these maps with 3D effect - the prices less so.
So I decided to start such a project on my own (even though I am not a born handyman).

Creating the map

I used a simplified world map as a template and turned it into a vector file to get definite edge lines.
Based on this template, a friend who works in metal processing and I cut out the world map in the desired size.

A (2 mm thin) steel sheet that measured 160 x 80 cm became the 12 elements of my world map.

Refining the map

To ensure a smooth surface without scratches or rust, I sanded down all the pieces (120 grit) and coated them with a clear antirust finish.

Preparing to mount

It was impossible to attach mounting brackets to the backside of the map elements that can't be seen in the front. Then I had the idea of hanging up the map with magnets. After a quick Google search, I came across supermagnete.gr and found what I needed right away.

I used a projector to project the picture of my model onto my living room wall to be able to pre-drill the holes for the magnets.

Hanging up the map

I attached screw-on pot magnets (type CSN-25) with countersunk screws to the wall and used 1 magnet per element. Only for the continents Europe, Asia, and America I used 3 pot magnets each.
I used 16 magnets altogether to ensure that the world map won't fall down on me while I watch TV.
Note from the supermagnete team:
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