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Magnetic stone

A deceptively real-looking papier mâché stone
Author: D.J-M.
Online since: 31/03/2011, Number of visits: 384666
Elementary school pupils and I made this deceptively real-looking magnetic stone from papier mâché. Thanks to the magnetic disc glued on the inside, this stone can hold paper clips.
The papier-mache stone and a real stone in comparison...
Only with the help of the paperclips are we able to identify the fake stone.

Colourful magnetic stones

Added in Mai 2022 (by anonymous)

I took the idea of the magnetic stone as my reference and modified it a bit. Then, my 10- and 11-year-old 5th-grade pupils and I made our own magnetic stones. We attached the magnet to the stone with cling film and then plastered over it with newspaper. After it had dried, we painted the stones with acrylic paint, and my pupils could let their creativity run wild. The magnetic stone made of papier-mâché now serves as a paperweight. What an eyecatcher!

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