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Magnetic clothes

New clothing trends at a fashion show in Finland
Author: Matti Liimatainen, Helsinki, Finland, [email protected]
Online since: 18/02/2010, Number of visits: 371415
I used your magnets for my bachelor work in the study program fashion design at the Art and Design University in Helsinki.
I received the highest grade for this work and I was able to present it during the Fashion Week in Copenhagen.
Naturally, I'd like to show you the pictures of the clothes and the fashion show in Helsinki.

The picture shows "Multipocket". The numerous pockets and the sleeves can be removed. For this piece I sewed 92 Q-15-15-03-N block magnets into the fabric. You can attach as many pockets as you like and arrange them in various ways.
Close-up of the removable sleeve
Close-up of the removable sleeve
Close-up of one of the pockets. Into every pocket I sewed two Q-15-15-03-N for easy attachment to the jacket. Two Q-10-05-1.2-G (marked red in the picture) keep the pocket closed.

This piece of clothing is named "Expanding". There are a total of 900 Q-10-05-1.2-G block magnets sewed between the fabric and the seam tape. The jacket adjusts to your body and reacts to each movement. While walking it makes an interesting clicking sound every time the magnets attract each other anew.
The magnets were coated with a plastic layer to protect them from corrosion.
The jacket in full size
The jacket in full size
An overview of the entire collection (8 outfits)
An overview of the entire collection (8 outfits)
My entire collection is influenced by magnetism: I used removable parts and magnetic closings almost everywhere.
Your ferrofluid was the inspiration for the white clothes farther down: The black pattern is similar to the behaviour of iron filings or ferrofluid in a magnetic field.

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