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Magnet bakery

Make your own decorative cake-shaped magnets
Author: J.M.W., Genève
Online since: 26/06/2013, Number of visits: 732717

Materials used

You need the following materials and items:

Creating the plaster cakes

Mix the plaster according to the instructions on the packaging.
Then pour the plaster into the little cake molds and even out the surface with a spatula. Let it dry for several hours.

Drying the hard plaster

Remove the dry plaster pieces from the pan.

Choosing colouring utensils

You can colour them with markers, acrylic colours or, for a watery effect, with water-based felt pens.

Protecting the paint

Unfortunately, paint has the tendency to flake off, so it needs protection.

Painting the plaster pieces

It works best if you start with a base colour. Once dry, you can add deco elements.

Varnishing the plater pieces

A coat of varnish protects the paint and makes the little cakes shiny. You can use a spraying gun or a spray can.

Choosing magnets

You can choose magnets based on the size and use of the plaster cakes. The supermagnete team let me know how to determine the needed adhesive force.

Use of the magnets

For hanging up postcards and various documents on my refrigerator I used disc magnets with 1,6 kg adhesive force. For the larger cakes I chose the affordable ferrite magnets with 800 g adhesive force.

Glueing the magnets

I used strong glue to glue on the super magnets.
This activity is not suitable for children, since magnets can be swallowed and could cause life-threatening complications. But kids can help with "baking" and painting the cakes. The glueing should be done by adults.

Holding the magnets

In order for the magnets to stay on well, you should apply pressure for about 20 seconds.

Decorating the cakes

Finally, you can decorate the painted plaster cakes with pearls and other deco elements. You can use normal PVAC glue, which becomes transparent when dry.

Note from the supermagnete team:
If these pretty cake magnets are meant for the children’s room, then magnetic bars or magnetic boards are perfect as a holding surface.

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