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Low-cost photo wall

Magnetic photo wall made of razor-thin wire
Author: Joachim Spengler, Thun, Switzerland
Online since: 05/07/2012, Number of visits: 339056
Table of Contents

Simple photo wall with a wire

I built a photo wall with super magnets. There are similar ideas under (applications with photos), but I chose a low-cost/low-tech option that doesn't damage the wall too much.
I used cube magnets W-05-N to attach the photos (200 à 9 x 13 cm) to a 1 mm thick wire, of which I nailed 1,20 m long strings to the wall.
The wire loops are easy to make. Just bend the wire around a nail, then grab both wire ends with pliers and turn the nail to entangle the wire. To attain the highest possible wire tension, I always nailed the top nail into the wall first, then I attached the wire and put the bottom nail through the loop, which I nailed into the wall at a slight downward angle.
This way, I don't need ferrous paint or metal boards, I don't need to peg and the wire costs a tenth of the steel rope that is normally used for photo ropes. One disadvantage is that the wire doesn't lie as flush against the wall as the steel rope. Also, the wire leaves light stains when it rubs against the wall. But you can easily remove those with an eraser.
Here you can view a fast-motion video of the implementation of this magnetic photo wall.

Photo wall with a wooden frame

Addition from customer This Aebi, Grenchen (Switzerland):
In the foyer of our flat we have a crooked wall that we wanted to decorate.
I purchased two wooden strips of 2,3 m in length and drilled holes into them every 10 cm. Then I used five screws to mount the strips to the wall, just below the ceiling and above the base board.
I ran a zinc-plated steel rope through the holes in the strip. (Tip: Before your purchase, make sure the rope attracts magnets). I secured the ends of the rope with rope clamps.
Since its installation, we attach all the postcards that we receive to the ropes with small cube magnets W-05-N. By now we have about 200 cards on the wall.
Attention: The magnets are at a dangerous height for children, so be aware when children visit!

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