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Levitation with Bismuth

Floating magnets - thanks to diamagnetism
Author: Carlos Barrús, Madrid, Spain
Online since: 03/06/2008, Number of visits: 467915
With the help of the diamagnetic character of the metal "Bismuth" you can cause a magnet to levitate without any electronics.
Table of Contents

Levitation with small magnets

For this experiment I used two disc magnets S-03-01-N, which I positioned between two pieces of bismuth.
To work a little against gravity, I placed two W-05-N50-G cube magnets above the pieces of bismuth.
The hangar is made of a copper wire which was bent to the proper height by "trial and error".
And look: There you have a levitating magnet, without any complicated electronics!

Levitation with large magnets

Our customer Robin L. also built something to make magnets levitate between self-cast bismuth blocks. But he was thinking in larger dimensions. He attached a DEATH MAGNET on top to let the magnets levitate, which are:
Note from the supermagnete team: There are also other customer projects that deal with levitation:

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