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Kinetic sculptures

These pieces of art show the aesthetic side of neodymium magnets
Author: Laurent DEBRAUX, www.laurentdebraux.com, Paris
Online since: 11/10/2011, Number of visits: 445485
The artist Laurent Debraux (www.laurentdebraux.com) shows us here his "kinetic sculptures", which were exhibited in May of 2010 at an open house in Paris. They are similar to "Moving Objects" from pe lang.

Magnetic flower

Material used:

Walk of a sea urchin

Magnets used: S-10-40-N, S-35-20-N

Indecisive watch

Magnets used:


An examination of the topic Induction.
Magnets used: R-60-06-30-N, S-45-30-N


This is a sculpture for the exhibit "100 masks for Japan", containing countless magnetic spheres type K-05-C.
This piece will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit Japanese children.

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