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Homemade magnetic Christmas decorations

Create your own festive decorative magnets with clothes pegs
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
Online since: 01/12/2023, Number of visits: 9981
Give your home a festive atmosphere with homemade Christmas decorations. With the help of these instructions, you can make cute angels, snowmen, moose and stars using clothes pegs and a few other materials. This craft idea is easy to replicate at home, making it a great project for Christmas crafting with family and children. Have a jolly good time with your loved ones and enjoy your homemade Christmas decorations throughout the festive season.
Table of Contents

Materials needed

Make an angel with clothes pegs

Print a picture of an angel or draw one on thicker paper. You can also download and use our template. Now colour in the angel any way you like. Next, glue the angel onto the clothes peg and let it dry.
Once the clothes peg angel has dried, glue a magnet to the back of the peg, for example, a Q-07-06-1.2-N block magnet. Be careful how you glue the magnet on because it will be attracted to the coil spring. And with that, your decorative little angel magnets are done.
Printable angel template

Make a snowman with a clothes peg

For a little snowman as a Christmas decoration, paint the clothes peg white. Leave the inside of the prongs unpainted. Otherwise, the wooden clothes peg could stick together during drying.
Once your snowman is dry, paint on the buttons. You can decide for yourself whether you want to paint or glue on the eyes. To give your snowman a nose, glue on an orange or red pompon. For a scarf, tie a piece of yarn around the peg. Make sure that the scarf is not tied too tightly, or else it will make opening the peg difficult. Once everything is in place, glue a magnet onto the back, for example, a block magnet type Q-10-04-1.5-N. Be careful how you glue the magnet on because it will be attracted to the coil spring. Now your clothes peg snowman is complete.

Make a moose with a clothes peg

There are two options for crafting a moose as a Christmas decoration. The first one is to attach the antlers at the top of the peg and the nose in the middle. The second option is to attach the antlers in the middle and the nose at the top. For both versions, paint the wooden peg brown. Leave the inside, where the wooden prongs meet, unpainted. Otherwise, the clothes peg prongs could stick together.
Bend the chenille wire (pipe cleaner) into a V-shape for the antlers. Glue another smaller V-shaped piece of chenille wire to each end of this wire. Glue on the eyes and a pompom as a nose, either at the top or in the middle, depending on the chosen option.
Once the antlers are dry, glue them onto the peg as well. Our tip: For the first option, place a piece of paper between the antlers and the other side. This way, the antlers only stick to one side and the clothes peg can be opened without any problems.
For the second option, glue the antlers to the middle. Next, glue the magnet, for example a block magnet type Q-10-04-1.5-N, onto the back. Be careful how you glue the magnet on because it will be attracted to the coil spring. This completes your homemade Christmas decoration.
Note from the supermagnete team:
The clothes peg pieces are not only suitable as decorative magnets but will also hold your postcards, shopping lists or pictures. At Christmas time, these clothes pegs are great for decorating your Christmas gifts. It’s a nice way to attach additional gift cards or letters to your Christmas presents.

Make a clothes peg star

For a clothes peg star, first separate the two wooden prongs of the clothes pegs. The coil spring is not needed, hang on to it and use it for some other project. Now glue the peg prongs together again upside down or at the ends. Think about how many pieces you need beforehand.
Lay out the individual pieces in the shape of a star, creating your own design in the process. Once you have decided on a design, glue the individual clothes peg pieces together. Paint your dried clothes peg star in the colours of your choice, depending on the paint you may need to apply several coats. Lastly, glue the magnets, e.g. an S-13-02-N disc magnet or a block magnet type Q-10-10-02-N, onto one side of your star. Now your DIY Christmas decoration is ready to add a festive touch to your home.

Inspiration for all things Christmas

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