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Hanging tillandsias

Exotic plant decoration - without water spots
Author: Etienne Coz, Langueux, France, [email protected]
Online since: 04/08/2009, Number of visits: 348997
I used your magnets for a special project that I had in mind for a while. It's about tillandsias (bromeliad family), which you can purchase more frequently now in Europe. Tillandsias can absorb the humidity of their surroundings with their leaves. That makes them popular indoor plants. Nevertheless, they should be sprayed with water from time to time.
Tillandsias are often glued to mirrors or walls as decoration. That looks nice, but when you spray them you end up with ugly water stains on the surfaces.
At some point, I had the idea of attaching my tillandsias with a variety of neodymium magnets. This way, I can detach them easily when I want to mist them.
I bought this glass plate especially for the plants. I glued 5 R-19-09-06-N ring magnets to it and also a strong S-30-10-N disc magnet that can hold even the heaviest plants.
Then I glued a small Q-05-05-02-G block magnet to each of the plants.
Now, the tillandsias stick to the glass, but I can take them off again when I want to spray them. I do that on the balcony and let the plants dry outside for a while before I put them back on the glass.
The whole thing is not only practical but also very cute!
Note: Tillandsias are an endangered plant species in their natural habitat of America. Pay attention at the point of purchase that the label reads "from culture - not from wild stock".

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