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Hanging Christmas lights

Versatile attachment solutions without drilling holes
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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When the days get shorter, dark and grey, it is time for Christmas lights in the sitting room, in windows, on the balcony or the door frame. What options exist for attaching Christmas lights without having to drill holes in the wall? We will show you practical and versatile solutions for hanging Christmas lights, such as curtain lights, net lights, LED stars, or colourful string lights.
Table of Contents

Attaching Christmas lights to a door frame

Ferromagnetic door frames
Some of the door frames in newer flats are ferromagnetic. This allows you to easily attach Christmas lights or wreaths with magnets. For this application, we recommend using magnetic hooks type BD-FTN-20. They have a high adhesive and displacement force, making them perfect for hanging Christmas lights or wreaths. Due to their subtle colour, they are hardly noticeable behind the decorations. Alternatively, you could also use the white rubberised magnet systems with hook BD-FTNGW-22.

Attach the hook to the door frame and hang the fairy lights or wreath as desired. You can twist the "branches" of artificial wreaths around the hook and press them down a little. This increases the grip even more. Please note that the magnets BD-FTN-20 could scratch the surface when moved. To protect the surfaces, we recommend adding rubber caps to the magnets.

Hanging Christmas lights outdoors

Balcony balustrades and awnings
With magnetic cable holders and cable ties, Christmas lights can be easily hung on balcony railings that are ferromagnetic. Simply use a cable tie to attach the cable holder to the Christmas decorations. Hook magnets with rubber caps, on the other hand, are great for awnings.
Should your awning frame be made of aluminium, we recommend using Sugru adhesive putty. The putty can be shaped into hooks which you can then firmly press onto the desired spot and leave to dry. Our reusable cable ties made of rubber or with hook-and-loop closure are a great solution for balcony balustrades.

Window frames
In some flats, window frames are made of metal and are therefore ferromagnetic. Simply hang your Christmas lights with hook magnets type BD-FTN-20. If your window frames are not ferromagnetic, you can utilise hooks made of Sugru here too. This solution is particularly useful for curtain lights, icicle lights and net lighting.
Please note: When choosing magnets for attaching outdoor Christmas lights, make sure they are strong enough to withstand wind and other environmental factors that can affect the adhesive force of magnets. Magnets that are used outside are very susceptible to rust if exposed to moisture. You can find more information on this topic on our FAQ page about outdoor use.

Christmas-themed customer projects

You can find additional useful tips for hanging Christmas decorations and other holiday lights in the customer projects Attach fairy lights and Mobile Christmas ball ornaments.

If you would like to make your own Christmas decorations, we recommend the following customer projects:

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