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Hand towel holder

For drying hand towels directly on the radiator
Author: Ollie Tosi, Thun, Switzerland
Online since: 11/06/2018, Number of visits: 172405
I built a practical, space-saving towel holder that can be attached directly to the radiator with strong pot magnets.

Materials needed

  • 2 approx. 50 cm long and approx. 15 mm thick square timber, which should fit exactly between the segments of the radiator.
  • 1 aprox. 1 m long, 12 mm thick stainless steel pipe, cut to the desired length.
  • 4 screw-on countersunk pot magnets type CSN-HT-20.


1) Saw the square timber at an angle on one side and smooth all edges.
2) Drill 2 sinkholes into each slanted piece for the magnets. (Initially, I wanted to use 3 magnets per side, that's why you see three sinkholes here. But 2 magnets were sufficient for towels. After all, it depends on how heavy the things are you want to hang up.)
3) Place the magnets with the appropriate countersunk bolt in the pre-drilled spots.
4) To attach the pipe, drill a hole half-way into each square timber with a 12-mm drill.
5) Cut the stainless steel pipe to the right length and glue it into the drill holes with a strong adhesive. Let it dry well.
6) Snap the contraption to the radiator and enjoy this practical solution and dry towels every day!
More DIY on my Instagram account.

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