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Foam figures "Dmagnets"

Perfectly suitable for stop-motion movies
Author: dpuppets, Barcelona, Spain, [email protected]
Online since: 16/07/2014, Number of visits: 342457
Figure "Harlequin"
Proudly present our collection "Dmagnets": Small magnetic action figures made of foam, which are movable and can be attached to any metal surface. There have never been such funny and interactive fridge magnets!
At the points of most pressure the figurines are connected with brass clamps. All other joints contain mini disc magnets S-03-01-N. Thanks to those magnets, the puppets are flexible and can move in a controlled manner. There is a magnetic adhesive strip on the backside of the figures, so they adhere safely to the metal surface.
The "Dmagnets" figures are handmade and one-of-a-kind. They are perfectly suitable for all movie makers in the complex area of stop-motion.
About us: Dpuppets is a team of sculpture specialists. We develop and build dolls, puppets and accessories for theater, film and TV.
Figure "Activist"
Figure "Clown
Figure "Cubism"

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