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Filling a bathtub properly

How to outsmart the bathtub overflow
Author: C.H., Lichtenstein/Sachsen
Online since: 18/06/2010, Number of visits: 143540
My bathtub is simply too small! Those were my exact thoughts when I recently tried to enjoy a good soak in my tub – which, with its low water level, feels more like a sitz bath. Since neither my landlord nor my wallet would appreciate it if I were to rip the tub out and replace it with a larger one, I had to find a different solution.
My idea: It should be possible to somehow increase the water level in the bathtub. The problem is the overflow, which in my opinion is placed far too low. So I wanted to build an overflow cover that could be mounted and removed easily and would allow me to fill the tub all the way to the top.

Materials needed:


First, I inserted a Q-20-20-10-N into the front part of the plunger (where the wooden handle used to be) and sealed it with silicone.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Instead of the block magnet, it may be advisable to use a disc magnet with the same diameter as the indentation.
As a counterpart, I glued a Q-15-15-08-N inside the turning handle of the tub, using UHU MAX REPAIR.
Important! Don’t skimp on the glue and silicone, since the magnets will quickly start to rust.
Next, I only had to put the turning handle back on the tub.
Now, before getting into the tub, I can simply place the magnetic plunger over the turning handle, which will seal off the overflow.
To drain the tub, I just remove the plunger and open the plug by turning the handle.
The water in the tub rises above the cover
The water rises higher...
Thanks to the overflow cover, the tub is almost completely filled with water
...almost to the rim of the bathtub

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