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The magnetic shopping list holder
Author: EasyCommi, Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland
Online since: 20/04/2020, Number of visits: 86090
“Les commissions faciles” (easy shopping) is the slogan of EasyCommi. It certainly holds up to the promise of making shopping easier, because EasyCommi is a very useful wooden holder to which a notepad is attached with magnetic tape. The integrated token for shopping trolleys also serves as a mounting piece, so the shopping list holder stays in place while you shop.

The back of the shopping list holder
The back of the shopping list holder
EasyCommi was designed, tested and manufactured by a team of vocational students as part of their final technical and business examination. The objective was to develop a novel product and to market it afterwards.
Several magnets from supermagnete.gr are built into the EasyCommi, turning the product into a helpful and practical item for everyday use. Below we show you which magnets are being used for the EasyCommi as well as their purpose.
The front of the EasyCommi
The front of the EasyCommi
In the back, two differently sized disc magnets were embedded in the wood. With the larger magnet, the shopping list holder can be attached to a refrigerator or other ferromagnetic surfaces. The smaller disc magnet holds the metal token, so it stays out of the way when not in use.
On the front side of the wooden holder, a cut recess contains a piece of magnetic tape. For the notepad to adhere, it too is equipped with a piece of magnetic tape. Now the notepad can be attached to the holder. When all of the paper has been used up, you can simply stick another piece of magnetic adhesive tape onto a new notepad. A pen is located on the side of the holder so you can constantly add to your shopping list or cross off purchased items.
With the EasyCommi, the team of vocational students created a well-conceived and useful product. We, here at the supermagnete team, think: Thumbs up for this project!
In the following video, the EasyCommi team is taking you on a journey to show you step-by-step, how the shopping list holder came into existence.

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