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Desk cable holder

Easily make magnetic cable holders with Sugru
Author: supermagnete
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Magnetic cable holders are a useful accessory for keeping cables, hoses, pipes, etc. attached to ferromagnetic surfaces. The only drawback: They don’t look very decorative in the office or at home. So why not make your own beautiful desk cable holder? It’s easy with Sugru and magnets! We will show you two options for crafting a magnetic cable holder for your desk.
Table of Contents

Self-adhesive cable holder made of Sugru

How to make a self-adhesive cable holder for your desk:
  1. Set out a charging cable and remove half a portion of Sugru from its packaging.
  2. Shape the adhesive putty into a ball.
  3. Place the ball onto your work surface and press the cable into the centre of the ball.
  4. Keep pressing until the cable is deep enough so that the Sugru could be wrapped around it. But don’t push it in too deep or the back of the cable holder will be too thin.
  5. Gently wiggle the cable to create a little space. Shape the Sugru in such a way that the cable cannot fall out later.
  6. Carefully remove the cable and finish shaping the Sugru.
  7. Let the adhesive cure for at least 12 hours.

Our tip: You can further enhance and embellish this basic version of the cable holder. We used different colours and made cute cats, little monsters and leaves. This does, however, require a little skill.
If you have a fixed spot on the desk in mind for your cable holder, you can attach the Sugru DIY cable holder without magnets. To do so, firmly press the Sugru ball onto the surface where you want your future cable holder and push the charging cable in. Leave the mouldable glue to harden in this position. Since Sugru is an adhesive, the cable holder will adhere in place.
Another option: Mount the cable holder with magnets
Follow the instructions to step 6. For you to be able to reposition the DIY cable holder to different ferromagnetic surfaces as needed, remove the finished cable holder from your work surface before it dries. For the cable holder to become magnetic, you can attach a disc magnet to the back after it has hardened. We recommend using the disc magnet S-10-02-N.

Our tip: With the help of the magnetic cable holder, you can also hang headphones or charging cables on ferromagnetic furniture. If you later want to attach the cable holder to your desk as well, simply create a counterpart for the magnet with ferrous tape, such as ferrous tape self-adhesive 5 m x 20 mm, for example.

Magnetic cable routing made of Sugru

Cable holders made of Sugru are also a good solution if you want to lead a cable over a distance, for example, an extension cord or charging cable underneath a desk. When combined, they will form a flexible cable routing system. You should design these cable holders so that the cable cannot fall out. To accomplish that, you will have to shape the grippers a certain way:
  1. Take half a portion of Sugru and break off a third of the putty.
  2. First, shape the base on top of the magnet and press the mouldable glue on firmly. For our cable holder, we chose disc magnets type S-10-02-N and S-10-1.5-N.
  3. Take the remaining two-thirds of Sugru and roll into a sausage shape but don’t make it too thin.
  4. Place the sausage shape across the base and join both parts.
  5. Bend the two grippers so that they face each other.
  6. Leave the magnetic cable holder to dry for 12 hours.

Please note: Desks are often only ferromagnetic on the table legs. In order to attach a cable underneath the tabletop, you will need a suitable surface for magnets. Our metal tape 35 mm self-adhesive in white or ferrous tape self-adhesive 20 mm are ideal for this purpose. To prevent the magnets from detaching when gently pulled, we recommend using a disc magnet typeS-15-03-N.

Our cable organisers from the project Cable Organisers with Magnets and Sugru are a perfect way to prevent cable clutter in your closet or drawer.

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