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Coin Trick

An amazing magnetic magic trick - with instructions!
Author: Cristiano Griletti
Online since: 21/02/2008, Number of visits: 435961
Cristiano from Italy gives us a clear and complete explanation of a trick that his father used to do when Cristiano was a child. Wow!
Our only question is, where did his father get super magnets back then? ;-)
Material required:
  • a disc magnet S-10-05-N
  • thin fishing line
  • black tape
  • elastic cord
  • a safety pin
  • a scissors
  • a piece of foam (e.g. from packing material) or soft fabric
  • and, of course, a (magnetic) coin
First, attach the safety pin to one end of the cord.
Then cut the cord to the appropriate length as shown in the photo. (Note: remember to leave a bit of length on the other end of the cord to make a knot with.)
Using the fishing line, make a loop which fits your middle finger and knot it to the other end of the elastic cord, as shown.
Lay the magnet inside the loop, directly next to the knot. Wrap the magnet and the knot with a piece of tape so that the magnet holds its position by the knot.
Cut a small piece of foam and use it to cushion the magnet. Hold this together with more tape. This cushion ensures that one doesn't hear the coin attach to the magnet during the trick.
And now, how does the trick work?
Attach the safety pin near your shoulder and allow the cord to run down the length of your arm without being seen. Position the fishing line loop on the palm of your hand, around the middle finger and under the fingernail. Move your arm a bit to get used to the feel of the cord.
Now place the coin in the palm of your other hand. Move the hand with the hidden magnet over the coin and as soon as the coin has attached itself to the magnet, close both hands. Let the loop slide off your finger so that the coin on the elastic cord can disappear - whoosch! - under the arms of your clothing.
Watch the video to get a clear idea of what is meant!

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