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Cleaning up your computer work space

Keyboard, etc. quickly put aside to clear a space
Author: Simone Moretti, Florenz, Italy
Online since: 11/02/2010, Number of visits: 348329
A PC is without a doubt a great thing, but it takes up a lot of space on the desk, especially with all the accessories. When you have a small desk, this space should be used differently. That's why I came up with a simple method to quickly put away keyboard, etc.
The solution is 8 self-adhesive disc magnets (S-10-01-STIC). 6 are spaced out and glued on the transverse side and 2 on the backside of the desk.
Please note: All magnets have to be magnetised equally, meaning they have to be from the same side of the plastic band on which they were delivered.
Then you can glue two more S-10-01-STIC to the backside of the WLAN router. These magnets have to be from the other side of the plastic band.
Two S-10-01-STIC magnets from the other side are glued to the backside of the mouse and five others to the backside of the keyboard. Since the keyboard is rather heavy, you can attach another 5 S-10-03-N disc magnets to the glued on magnets, which will enhance their effect.
Now you can attach the keyboard and the mouse to the transverse side and the WLAN router to the backside of the desk. The result: A tidy desk that can be easily cleaned when necessary.

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