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Car Keys on the Ceiling

Keep keys handy - and far a way from children
Author: Jan Menu, Krombeke, Belgium
Online since: 21/02/2008, Number of visits: 294173
Clunk - and the keys are taken care of!
Clunk - and the keys are taken care of!
I use your super magnets for various purposes. I discovered this practical use while walking through the house with a new super magnet. The corners and frames of our walls are magnetic because steel profiles were used in the building process.
Because I often lose my car keys or the children run off with them ;-), I positioned a Q-40-20-10-N on the ceiling and have gotten into the habit of hanging my key chain directly onto this magnificent magnet.
Result: no more searching, no more frustration, and all thanks to your super magnets. Cool, eh?!
Note from the supermagnete team:
Most keys are no longer magnetic these days. There are only a few exceptions, like mailbox keys. The rings on key chains, however, are mostly magnetic.

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