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Beach magnet wall

A piece of vacation at home
Author: Jens, Lengerich, Germany
Online since: 29/07/2013, Number of visits: 493338

Vacation magnet wall

I call our new magnet wall "A piece of vacation at home:" We take many pictures during our vacations and the better ones we show our friends. Unfortunately, most of them tend to disappear in photo albums shortly after. So, we created a magnetic wall for our vacation pictures. Since the ordinary plastic magnets don't go well with our pictures, we decided to turn "beach souvenirs" into deco magnets.

Souvenirs and magnets

For the deco magnets we used stones, shells and pieces of wood. All in all, we glued 2 mm thick disc magnets onto 10 heavy shells and 1 mm thick disc magnets onto 10 lighter shells and pieces of wood.

Colouring the adhesive

In order for the hardened glue to look more natural, we mixed it with beach sand and coffee powder - depending on which colour fit better with the little treasure.

Wooden disc for better handling

To make sure that the flat souvenirs can be easily picked up, we glued little wooden discs between the magnets and the deco objects. For the deco wooden pieces we stained the wooden discs dark and glued them on with wood glue. For the shells we used UHU MAX REPAIR.

Dimensions of the wooden discs

The wooden discs can be purchased in home improvement or craft stores and are available in various diameters. We chose 15 and 20 mm ones, because the super magnets we used had a diameter of 10 mm.

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