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Attractive bookshelf

Designer shelf with magnetic assembly technique
Author: Vacuum Atelier, Bergamo, Italy
Online since: 07/10/2020, Number of visits: 78589
Elegant and, thanks to the magnets used, attractive in the truest sense of the word: That’s how a bookshelf, created by Atelier Vacuum in Bergamo, can best be described. The shelf is made of untreated iron braces and plates, placed onto tapered feet. “Ceppo di Gré”, a rock mined in an area northwest of Lake Iseo, was used for those. Ferrite magnets were used to attach the iron plates to the braces. With their dark colour, they incorporate themselves seamlessly into the design and keep the plates in place. The magnets also function as minimalist bookends, as can be seen in one of the pictures below.
The inspiration for the bookshelf came from the typological elements of architecture. For architecture always has a connection to the ground, be it through coalescence or distance (feet of the shelf). At the same time, it ascents and turns into a self-supporting structure (shelf configuration). And finally, architecture is experienced on a level plane (shelf plates).
Atelier Vacuum is an architectural studio founded in Bergamo, Italy by the two architects Serena Comi and Gino Baldi. They are working to connect to other artistic and cultural fields, testing themselves in the process through interior and exterior projects, architecture competitions as well as artistic installations.
Vacuum understands itself as a workshop for research into identity. It is not just an architecture studio, but rather an atelier engaged in a continuous creative process.
Note from the supermagnete team:
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