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Attach bike light

Finally a bike light that can be attached without much fiddling about
Author: Daniël Colon, Zoetermeer
Online since: 27/05/2008, Number of visits: 339924
Table of Contents

Mount bike light with disc magnets

Have you also had enough of the constant struggle with your bike light? Are you tired of having to mount it in a make-shift manner on your bike or even on your clothing? Here's a simple solution.
You will need:
  • a piece of Duct tape
  • A battery-powered bicycle Light
  • 4 S-05-02-N52N magnets
  • A little bit of skill
Stick the four magnets onto the piece of tape in the form of a square, as shown. Make sure they have this shape for ultimate flexibility.
Secure the tape to the bicycle light with the magnets facing inwards as shown in the picture. The tape acts as a cushion to make sure you don't scratch your bike when mounting the light.
Make sure the tape is on tight. The light is now finished and ready to be tested.
Now attach the light at the front of the handlebar and the four strong S-05-02-N52N magnets will make sure the light doesn't move an inch. Easy to remove and reattach. The square formation of the magnets makes sure they also attach to round sections as the flexibility allows them to shape to the tube.

Mount bike light with disc magnets

Addition from customer Kunde M.H. from Wageningen (Netherlands):
Our customer fastened two lamps with a single magnetic system on his mountain bike. He used a ring magnet R-27-16-05-N and a pot magnet with threaded stud TCN-25 each for that purpose.
He glued the pot magnet with the pot facing up in the plastic mounting. Then he glued the ring magnet on the bottom side of the lamp. Thanks to the combination of these two strong magnets, the bike lamp stays on the handlebar even during rough rides.

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