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Assemble model aircraft with magnets

Flexible assembly without gluing individual parts
Author: Alfonso Martín Sánchez, Béjar, Spain
Online since: 17/03/2009, Number of visits: 431059
Since I frequently assemble model aircrafts, I know for certain that they all have to be repaired sometimes. Since the parts are normally glued together, repairs on the inside are very difficult.
Then I had the idea of connecting the various aircraft parts with magnets - they are strong, but you can separate them again easily.
The whole structure becomes more flexible because it is not glued together - and that extends the lifespan of the aircraft immensely.
With a small Dremel (multifunction rotary tool) you can drill holes of any size and depth into the material. Diameter and depth should fit with the used magnet.
For the body of the aircraft that supports the wings I used disc magnets S-08-05-N, for all smaller parts I used the weaker disc magnets S-08-03-N.
For the front part of the aircraft I glued 4 magnet rings R-10-04-05-G on the tip. I made four indentations in the body and glued four washers into it.
So, the body parts stick together firmly and are still flexible.
So, the body parts stick together firmly and are still flexible.
I used 3 S-08-05-N on each side to connect the wing parts, because the adhesive force convinced me.
Once also the wings are well connected and attached to the body, you can devote yourself to the small things (windows, inscription, etc.)
I hope that other model making fans like this application and that it animates them to try out this new way of connecting.

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